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Blind Ambition

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Book: Blind Ambition

Dr. Jason Phillips had always resented living in the isolated town of Carlisle, England with its cold rainy long winters and small town mentality. Working as an orthopedic surgeon in Carlisle General Hospital, dating a pretty, but dim, nurse, Jason was forced to stay put in his unhappy surroundings by the lure of a large inheritance.

Working on-call in casualty one night, Jason meets a twenty year old man who has just been hit by a motor car. Ewan P. Gallagher is an aspiring actor who was staring in a role at the local playhouse theatre. Young, fresh, talented and bold, Ewan fell for the handsome doctor at first sight, not hiding his attraction for the thirty-something year old single male very well.

Eventually, the truth about Jason's sexual nature begins to complicate his simple life and as a final blow, his aging aunt makes him choose between his greed and his passion.

1 Total Reviews of This Book I like this book, cause I find the characters very true and full of imperfection: or not physically, they are flawless and like gods beautiful, but behind the pretty looks, they are all too human. Reading only this book, you really can't justify Jason and only
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