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Room at the Top

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Book: Room at the Top


In episode 91 of the Action! Series, superstar actor, Alexander Mark Richfield, find out his director Charlotte Deavers, is up to her old tricks again. Alex is the headlining star of a new pay channel TV series, Room at the Top, where he plays a lawyer. When Ms Deavers sees Alex admiring their hunky soundman, Dirk Jackman, the ambitious woman immediately lures Dirk into a role in front of the camera, making him an offer he cannot refuse.
As Alexander’s romances in the show begin to heat up, and he and Dirk have nude scenes in bed, they find their attraction to each other hard to hide.
Meanwhile, Alex’s LAPD lieutenant husband, Billy Sharpe, is unaware of the changes in Alex’s script, and when he finds out, he isn’t happy.
And not only is Charlotte and the TV show’s producers Will Markham and Derek Dixon amping up the show’s sexual content, they’re pushing Adam Lewis, a talent agent, to bring Stan Bergman, Alex’s father’s ex-husband onto the show!
In a world where ratings are king, these TV producers want award nominations for their work. And they’ll stop at nothing to get them.

Come back to the men from LA and Paradise for more fun and adventures!
All of the Action! Series books can be read as stand-alone novels but are much more fun as a series! Or watch Capital Games the movie, on demand, the pilot episode of the series.