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The Man With No Soul

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Book: The Man With No Soul


Twenty-seven-year-old Erik Bassinger was on a road to unhappiness and frustration. Having moved from Iowa to the East Coast in order to get work that paid well, Erik found the daily drudge of commuting into Manhattan, working as an unappreciated drone in an office building, and surrounded in self-obsessed, shallow people was turning him into an angry, resentful man.

Out on a limb with a huge bank loan to finance the renovation of a gorgeous old home, Erik was getting nowhere with dishonest contractors, a lazy foreman, and time running out before the bank wanted their pound of flesh.

Until he met the man doing his plumbing.
Frank Napolitano, a forty-year-old contractor, had owned a construction firm for decades and sold it. As Frank and Erik connect over the rehab for the old home, they seem to have a connection to each other that goes beyond a casual nature.

While the bond between them strengthens, Erik finds Frank has a son, Richie. The nineteen-year-old man tries his best to interrupt the friendship that has formed.

Erik learns a huge life lesson from both the house remodel and his new beau, and it comes just at the right time.