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Out with the Old In with the New

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Book: Out with the Old In with the New


In episode 89 of the Action! Series, we continue right where Book 88 left off, in Los Angeles. While Steve Miller, Jack Larsen, Blake Hughes, Hunter Rasmusen, and Adam Lewis return to the estate in Paradise, California, the Nation’s Top Male Model, Mark Antonious Richfield, stays behind.

Mark’s two young sons, Isaac Milton Richfield and Jacob Bentley Richfield, spend time with their young actor father, Stan Bergman and their sister, Lily Hayden Bergman, and Stan’s husband Bryan Fuller, and his two children, Viola and Hal in their Sherman Oaks home.

Mark’s decision to be close to the boys while they stay in Los Angeles, upsets his husband, Steve. As Steve returns to work with Jack at Miller-Richfield International in Sacramento, he resents Mark staying behind, leaving running the huge garment manufacturing firm to him in Mark’s absence.

The irritation in Steve triggers a desire for alcohol, which the former cop needs to avoid.

Meanwhile, Mark’s middle son, Isaac, craves the limelight, desperately wanting to become an actor or model, like his glamourous dad or superstar brother, Alexander Mark Richfield.

Come back to the men from LA and Paradise for more fun and adventures!

All of the Action! Series books can be read as stand-alone novels but are much more fun as a series! Or watch Capital Games the movie, on demand, the pilot episode of the series.