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Is it Really Xmas Again?

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Book: Is it Really Xmas Again?


In episode 88 of the Action! Series we find Mark Antonious Richfield, the Nation’s Top Male Model, in Los Angeles for a Dangereux Cologne shoot with the scrumptious Frenchman, Henre Ward.
Since Mark is in Southern California for his work, he and his husband, Steve Miller, decide to spend the Christmas weekend with their sons, friends, and family in LA, instead of having a huge bash at their estate in Paradise California.
While the men in Mark’s world meet up with old acquaintances and spend time with family, we reunite with some familiar faces from episodes past.
Not only do the boys from LA get to enjoy their loved ones, but a few of the couples decide to play naughty together this holiday weekend!
As the group reflects on the year gone by, in awe at how quickly time is passing, they renew old friendships and find new ones on this journey we call… life.

Come back to the men from LA and Paradise for more fun and adventures!
All of the Action! Series books can be read as stand-alone novels but are much more fun as a series! Or watch Capital Games the movie, on demand, the pilot episode of the series.