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Earth Angel

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Book: Earth Angel


Simon didn’t know why he was chosen after he was killed during a motorcycle accident. But after death, he became an angel.

On his first assignment, Simon must help Evelyn Francis, an actress and entrepreneur with cancer, pass to the next plane. As he helps Evie transition into her death, Simon meets Evie’s son, Liam.

The loss of his mother is agony for Liam. As he struggles with her imminent demise and the responsibility of running his mother’s company alone, Liam bumps into a man named Zander on his way into the hospital.

The two men seem to have a chemistry together, but Liam’s world is in so much turmoil, he doesn’t think much of himself and his own needs.

Once Simon eases Evie into her transition to the afterlife, Evie refuses to go until her son is stable and can handle life without her.

While Evie’s ghost continues to care for her son, Simon is at a loss on what to do to help both Liam and Evie get through the sorrow.

And to make matters worse, Liam’s sister, Karen, is after his mother’s company and inheritance.

Sometimes you need an angel to stand by your side to get you through the worst of times, and maybe even to find you the love of your life!