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Gathering of Men

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Book: Gathering of Men


In episode 84 of the Action! Series we find the men of Los Angeles visiting the Nation’s Top Male Model, Mark Antonious Richfield at his estate in Paradise California for Father’s Day weekend. As the family and friends gather at the manor house to enjoy its many amenities and sumptuous meals, Hollywood actors, Keith O’Leary and Carl Bronson invite their new young sexy chef, nineteen-year-old Erin ‘Coco’ Cochran. Coco is pleased to help Mark’s chef, Sierra, prepare dinners for the 30 guests, but Keith and Carl have other ideas!

Meanwhile, former lifeguard turned video-channel sensation, Josh Elliot, not only gets the men to play naughty games, he lures both Dangereux models, Mark Antonious and Frenchman Henre Ward, into a bubble bathtub interview with him, together!

As the sportsmanship, horseback riding, and luxurious spa entertains the guests, the sexy vibe of handsome men create a sensuous weekend for the couples. And Milt Richfield’s spirit is up to his old tricks!

Come back to the boys from LA for more insanity, fun, and hot sex! All of the Action! Series books can be read as stand-alone novels. So just dive right in! Or watch Capital Games the movie, the pilot episode, now on demand on Amazon Prime.