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Jumping the Rails

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Book: Jumping the Rails

In episode 83 of the Action! Series, we find Isaac Milton Richfield, Mark Antonious Richfield- The Nation’s Top Male Model’s middle son, entered in a horse show jumping contest. As Isaac grows up, and Mark’s worry for him also grows, Isaac is finally allowed to have a friend visit the posh manor house. His best pal from school, Byron Arness, and he, work on a science fair project for the last week of school before the summer break.
Meanwhile, LAPD homicide detective lieutenant, Jeff Chandler, gets a call for a suspicious death. It seems Fred Prescott, an actor in a long-running soap opera, is found dead. As Jeff begins to uncover facts, he has a good idea who has committed the crime… Zena Scheer, his costar and new wife.
Mark’s actor son, Alexander Mark Richfield, finds he has a new love interest on his new cable TV drama Room at the Top. To his surprise, and dread, Gabe Loveday, Angel Loveday’s grandson, and Oliver Loveday’s son, (one of Alex’s ex-boyfriends from UCLA) is cast to play Alex’s romantic interest. Needless to say, this doesn’t make Alex happy. And, of course, it happens just when he and his husband, Lt Billy Sharpe are doing great.
Come back to the boys from LA and Paradise as they love, laugh, have hot sex, and try to keep their sanity!
All the Action! Books can be read as stand-alone novels, but are much more fun as a series!