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An American in London

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Book: An American in London

Nineteen-year-old New York med-student Alan Schwartz finally got his wish. He was on his way to England to visit a young man named Kris Wormley. Kris, a med-student in Cambridge, England, had met Alan over the internet. The two men were eager to meet in person and show off their native countries.
It was 2002 and Alan had never expected England to be any different than his home USA. But he was not only surprised at the preconceived notions he had all his life, but thrilled to find out that Kris was also a gay man.
The two young med-students explore England together, and slowly come to realize their common bond. Before Alan returns home, with Kris, to show him New York and his own home on Long Island, love blossoms for the two men and endures for a decade.
An American in London… the ups and downs of being the foreigner in a strange land.