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The Hat-Trick Lover

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Book: The Hat-Trick Lover


Happily married, English twenty-eight-year-old stockbroker, Jamie Radcliffe, imagined the good life with his American wife, Ruth. After five years of marriage, they had settled into a routine‚Ķ until Jamie’s life was thrown a curve.

Joaquin Vives, a twenty-one-year-old Spaniard, was fast becoming the star player of his new English soccer team, Parks United. When the hot, super-talented athlete meets Jamie for the first time, he is enamoured by the handsome Brit.

When Ruth flies back to the USA for a family emergency, Jamie finds the footy-stud irresistible and is smitten with his fame and incredible talent. As the two men begin an affair, Jamie is torn by guilt and desire.

Ruth returns to England, learning the truth about her husband, and the three parties involved face a dilemma of epic proportions.

His marriage in ruins, his new lover possibly being untrue, Jamie’s life begins to spin out of control.

A hat-trick, three goals, or a love triangle that’s a tangled web of emotions and sexual craving.

Warning: this novel contains infidelity and may trigger some sensitive readers.