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Backdoor Pilot

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Book: Backdoor Pilot


In episode 82 of the Action! Series, we catch up with the men of Paradise and LA in time for Valentine’s Day. Alexander Mark Richfield is delighted to find his old director, Charlotte Deavers, wants him to star in a new pilot series called, A Room at the Top, ending Alex’s long drought of unsuccessful auditions.

Carl Bronson, an actor, is finally given the job of hosting the late-night talk show, and the producers request Mark and his sons as the guests for Carl’s premiere show.

Mark Antonious Richfield and French actor, Henre Ward, model together for Dangereux Cologne, sparking rumors about Henre’s sexuality.

Come back to the men from LA and Paradise for more fun and adventures!

All of the Action! Series books can be read as stand-alone novels, but are much more fun as a series!