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Executive Sweetie

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Book: Executive Sweetie


Executive Sweetie

In this first of two novellas, we find Ray Hale, an actor hired as a mailroom clerk, yearning the good life and a man with wealth to make his life easier. When Ray finds out the owner of the company he works for is in trouble, Ray puts his acting skills to the test.

Jesse Patten Royce struggles to run his father’s brokerage firm after his dad’s sudden death. Left alone and over his head, Jesse is grateful when an Englishman from Kent, comes to his rescue.

As the two men form a romantic relationship, the truth about Ray, posing as Hugh Merrywether, a wealthy owner of a manor in England, finally comes out.

Enjoy this humorous Cinderella-style tale with a happy ending.

Ballroom Baby:

In this short story, we meet two men whose marriage has grown stale. Martin Zimbalist’s roving eye has caused him to begin an affair with his male secretary. He feels as if his husband, Wesley, is a bore, and yearns excitement.

As Halloween approaches, Martin is invited to a grand masked ball. Although he goes with his secretary, not his husband, Martin meets a masked Frenchman, and becomes enamored with him.

When Martin pursues this masked man, he finds out something about himself, and his husband, Wesley.

Enjoy these two lively romps of fun, two for the price of one.