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Timing Is Everything

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Book: Timing Is Everything


In this episode of the Action! Series we find Top Model Mark Antonious Richfield and the men left at the mansion in Paradise reeling from the betrayal.

Slowly, life begins to return to normal at the manor house. Stan, Mark’s second husband, and his daughter Lily fly to New York, where Stan seeks refuge from the chaos with his parents.

Mark’s eldest son, Alexander Richfield returns to live with transgender Swedish actress, Tadzio Andressen and her LAPD husband, Matt Nolf in LA.

Former fireman Blake Hughes, Mark’s nanny, keeps Mark’s two young sons distracted from the disaster their Daddy Stan has created, and invites some of their friends to Paradise, to help comfort Mark and try to keep sanity for the men living there.

And Billy Sharpe, Alex’s husband, has some big decisions to make, as does Mark’s first husband, Steven Jay Miller.

Come back to the men of the Action! Series and catch up on their lives as they battle for love, life, and the pursuit of happiness.