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Cold as Ice

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Book: Cold as Ice


When mega movie mogul, Charles Powell, loses his actress wife, June Remick, to cancer, the producer escapes to the Switzerland Alps to mourn and spend time alone.

While skiing, Charles falls and ends up being rescued by a young man, also on holiday at the ski resort. As a friendship forms, and then the two get stuck in a snowstorm, Charles and this hot hunk, Davy Franklin, spend a sexy night together trapped in a blizzard.

Soon the media sniffs out a story, and when Davy and Charles return to California, their lives are under scrutiny. Dealing with the bad press, accusations of cheating, and shock at the same sex union, the two men begin to doubt what they already have.

Sometimes you have to follow your heart, and block out the critics and noise of liars and trolls, to live happily ever after.