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Emerald Eyes

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Book: Emerald Eyes


Jules Gregory was sleepwalking through life, bored, unchallenged and secretly seeing a married, wealthy land developer on the side. His ‘sugar daddy’ Harry Dunne, took good care of him financially, but emotionally, Harry was a brute.

Harry Dunne was one unhappy Texan. Dealing with an overbearing wife that wanted to compete with other rich wives was wearing him out. The only bright spot in his life, was Jules.

Jewel thief, Max DeHaven decided Houston, Texas was a great place to rob from the rich…and give to the poor? When Max sets his sites on Harry Dunne’s wife’s jewelry in a heist, Max performs the plan seamlessly. Except for one thing. A young man that recognizes him by his description. His emerald-green eyes.

With political overtones running throughout the book, Max and Jules find they have a lot in common, and form a bond that’s advantageous to both.