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Kiss Me One Last Time

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Book: Kiss Me One Last Time


Businessman Ben Marsan owned a company that granted new startup companies cash. He loved his work so much, it consumed him.

Nelson Hayward, Ben’s lover, had waited a year for the handsome mature man to bring their relationship to the next level. But Ben’s work was his life, not him.

Nelson tried to make Ben jealous, dating other people, hoping Ben would make a move and marry him. But, Nelson’s plans didn’t work. So? He changed gears to keep money coming in.

Sandy Thomas, a struggling actor, meets Ben while working as a currier for a messenger service. Young Sandy is smitten by the handsome older CEO and makes a play for him. A real play. Sandy is a playwright and actor. When Ben offers to help his cast and crew, Sandy thinks he has found his man.

As Sandy and Nelson vie for the same partner, Ben sinks into his work even more to avoid making a commitment.

When he is reminded once more of the loss he may take if…he avoids letting his heart go.

Kiss Me One Last Time. And then, maybe, you’ll remember.