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Secrets and Misdemeanors

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Book: Secrets and Misdemeanors

David Thornton couldn't imagine finding love again. Burned by a bitter divorce, his ex-wife having an affair with his best friend and law partner, David devoted his life to his two children and his job, trying to believe that was enough. But deep down he knew something special was missing.

Young, attractive Lyle Wilson from eastern Oregon arrived in LA penniless and homeless. Taken in by Jeff Best, an unstable co-worker from his newly found job in construction, Lyle had no idea what would occur during a remodeling work of an old office building. Standing on scaffolding six flights in the air, Lyle got his first glimpse of the handsome successful attorney, Mr. David Thornton, and couldn't get him out of his mind.

Can unlikely star-crossed lovers manage to get through the tangle of obstacles that have been laid before them like landmines? Or will they allow the madness of the others around them to influence them and tear them apart?

One thing David and Lyle learn, that no man is an island and they need others in their life to grow and learn.

3 Total Reviews of This Book A unique love story that travels a number of emotional depths. The characters are amazingly deep and they draw you in to their story and world. The sensuality and passion that are exhibited in this book make this a must read for anyone…
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The love scenes were, in a word, hot.... I enjoyed the tenderness they displayed and never did I feel a scene was gratuitous…
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A fascinating story that explores many present day issues that face many people in society…
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