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Golden Thunder

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Book: Golden Thunder


In episode 69 of the Action! Series we return to the men from LA to find trouble.

Alexander Mark Richfield, Hollywood superstar, attends an award ceremony with his former LAPD lieutenant Billy Sharpe. What should be a happy occasion for the couple, turns into a disaster, as both men’s secret affairs come to light.

After a weekend with family and friends, Mark Antonious Richfield, the Nation’s Top Male Model, buys a horse for his eldest son, Alexander. A golden palomino, Golden Thunder, joins the other four horses at the stable in Paradise, California.

Sadly, Alex’s bravado and a fiery fight with the lieutenant, leads to a nearly perilous incident.

Meanwhile, Steven Jay Miller, interviews a handsome new buyer for his and Mark’s garment manufacturing firm, one he is ‘smitten’ with. While Steve’s mind is on his work, Steve’s new boyfriend, Pilot Toby Smith, begs the former cop, turned CEO to go camping with him.


Not Steve’s cup of tea.

Come back to the lunacy of the men from LA as they rejoice their victories, and endure their pitfalls.

All of the Action! Series books can be read as stand-alone novels. So just dive right in! Or watch Capital Games the movie, the pilot episode, now on demand.