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Smoking Gun

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Book: Smoking Gun


In episode 66 of the Action! Series, the boys from LA survived the holiday season. As spring comes to the meadow with blossoms of wildflowers, the Nation’s Top Male Model, Mark Antonious Richfield, welcomes his eldest son, Hollywood actor, Alexander Mark Richfield, and his husband, Billy Sharpe, as they move north to the mansion in Paradise, California.
While Alexander gets a new role in another film, ‘Smoking Gun,’ as a street hustler, Billy retires from the LAPD and helps Mark out with their three very young children.

Meanwhile, closeted actor, Jeremy Runner, gets a shock as his ‘beard’ decides to announce she’s pregnant with his child, which Jeremy knows is impossible.
This chaos comes right as Jeremy is offered a mega-starring role in another epic George Ford war saga. But, there’s a catch. Mr Ford wants Jeremy to persuade Mark’s second husband, Stan Charles Richfield, to join the all-star cast.

Come back to the insanity of the boys from LA as they battle, lose, and sometimes win, in this crazy game we call, life.

All of the Action! Series books can be read as stand-alone novels. So just dive right in! Or watch Capital Games the movie, the pilot episode, now on demand and on DVD!