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Flying High

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Book: Flying High


In episode 62 of the Action! Series, we find Steven Jay Miller and Tadzio Andresen-Miller’s marriage on the rocks. As Tadzio’s movie premiere looms closer, she battles to keep functioning, staying with Alex and Billy in Los Angeles.

Steve brings his new man to the estate and his ex-husband, Mark Antonious Richfield, isn’t happy about it. And, while Mark’s second husband, Stan Charles Richfield is on a tour with Dangereux Cologne, Mark ends up in bed with…whom?

Meanwhile, Alexander Mark Richfield begins a new feature film with Aussie heartthrob, Hugh Beckett, making the superstar a happy actor!

Drama, laughter, and a whole lot of love…come back to the men from LA as they fly high and then drop back down to earth.

All the Action! Series books can be read as ‘stand-alone’ novels. Be sure to check out the pilot episode of the series, Capital Games, now on demand and DVD.