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Rolling the Dice

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Book: Rolling the Dice


In episode 59 of the Action! Series, we find the Nation’s Top Male model, Mark Antonious Richfield, being lured back to LA for a new Dangereux cologne ad, much to the model’s chagrin. As his son, Jacob Bentley settles into the routine of the estate in Paradise, California, the youngest Richfield seems to fit right in.

Attorney Jack Larsen and his talent agent husband, Adam Lewis, also settle into life at Richfield Manor, as Jack begins working with Mark and his ex-husband Steve at Mark’s garment manufacturing firm.

Meanwhile, Adam Lewis is dreading the release of a tell-all book about his former talent agency partner; a book about Turner’s abuse of young men and his couch-practices. Adam is afraid of being dragged into his dead partner’s mess.

LAPD Officer Joe Scarbino ends up transferred to the community police team while still struggling to sell his hovel in Van Nuys. It gets worse for the handsome cop, when he finds out something is amiss in his abode.

Will fire captain Hunter Rasmussen be able to deal with the forest fires in Butte County? Or will his husband Blake make him quit?

Lights! Camera! Action! Come back to the boys from Los Angeles for more insanity and great fun!

(All Action! books can be read as ‘stand-alone’. This series is written like a television show, so dive right in! Or, watch Capital Games, the pilot of the series now on demand and DVD.)