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Up-Hill Battle

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Book: Up-Hill Battle


In this episode of the Action! Series, we encounter the aftermath of the custody hearing for the Top Model; Mark Antonious Richfield’s son, Jacob Bentley. With attorney Jack Larsen and his talent agent husband, Adam Lewis’ move north to Paradise, California, along with the new baby, things get wild for the men at Richfield Manor.

Meanwhile, SWAT Officer Joe Scarbino gets an invite to actor, Jeremy Runner’s mom and dad’s house in Westwood. Joe soon finds out if he’s a hit or miss with the folks.

And the former fianc√© of Mark Antonious, Sharon Tice-Hill, reels from the judge’s decision to have her and Mark’s son live with the glamorous model fulltime.

Come back to the men from LA as they battle uphill against the odds, and search for peace and calm.

(All Action! books can be read as ‘stand-alone’. This series is written like a television show, so dive right in! Or, watch Capital Games, the pilot of the series now on demand and DVD.)