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Buying Time

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Book: Buying Time


In episode 57 of the Action! Series, the court hearing for the custody battle between the Nation’s Top Male Model, Mark Antonious Richfield, and his ex-fiancée, Sharon Tice-Hill is about to heat up. As Mark loses what’s left of his mind, he and his lawyer, Ira Goldman, consider strategies to get Mark visitation for his son Jacob.

In the meantime, Academy Award winning actor, Carl Bronson, lands a major role in a new movie, which is going to be filmed in Paris. While his husband, Keith O’Leary, continues to struggle for a part in anything at all, creating a rift and jealousy between the married pair.

And one lucky couple is relocating to Paradise!

Get ready for another rocky ride from the boys from LA as they battle for their rights and harness the power of their minds to work as a team.

(All Action! books can be read as ‘stand-alone’. This series is written like a television show, so dive right in! Or, watch Capital Games, the pilot of the series now on demand and DVD.)