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Fool in the Rain

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Book: Fool in the Rain


In episode 56 of the Action! Series, we rejoin the men from LA as they prepare for the Academy Awards celebration. Carl Bronson, one of the men from Mark Antonious Richfield’s inner circle, was nominated for the award of Best Actor for his film role in B is for Bravo, in direct competition with Jeremy Runner, who was nominated for his role in The Hard Way, costarring with Alexander Richfield.
While Carl’s career is exploding and new offers for great scripts came his way after his outstanding performance in the Navy SEAL movie, his husband, Keith O’Leary is struggling.
The jealousy between the two begins to come to a head as the couple fail to maintain peace when their careers proceed in opposite directions.

Meanwhile, the Nation’s Top Male Model, Mark Antonious Richfield, continues to battle his former fiancée and baby-mama, Sharon Tice-Hill for visitation for his newborn son, Jacob Bentley Tice-Hill.

Jack Larsen heads back to Fort Lauderdale to find resolution for his mother’s murder, as his talent agent husband, Adam Lewis, has to relive a terrible time in his life when a reporter interviews him on the experience he had with his former agency partner; Jack Turner. Garth Ross’ tell-all book about the vile Jack Turner is being written; a book about Turner’s notorious couch practices and abuses of young men.

Come back to the boys from LA for more love, hate, jealousy, and triumph, under a thunderous stormy California sky.

(All Action! books can be read as ‘stand-alone’. This series is written like a television show, so dive right in! Or, watch Capital Games, the pilot of the series now on demand and DVD.)

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