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Love is a Four Letter Word

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Book: Love is a Four Letter Word


In this episode of the Action! Series we come to the big first birthday celebration for Mark Antonious Richfield and Stan Charles Richfield’s son, Isaac. With the estate filled with friends and family and weeks of planning, the Nation’s Top Male Model anticipated the perfect day for his son…until…someone unexpected crashes the party.

Meanwhile, Mark’s first husband, Steven Jay Miller, struggles with his anger and resentment over the situation, and finds comfort in his mother’s words.

Loose cannon LAPD SWAT cop Joe Scarbino strikes up an unlikely friendship with a movie actor, and has high hopes he can finally land a celebrity husband, but his ‘date’ is deep in the closet.

Love. Once you had it and then it vanished. Where does the love go?
For Sharon, Love is a four letter word, and not the one she would use to describe how she feels for her former fiancé.

Come back to the men of the Action! Series as they stumble around in this thing we call life.

(All Action! books can be read as ‘stand-alone’. This series is written like a television show, so dive right in! Or, watch Capital Games, the pilot of the series now on demand and DVD.)