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Born Richfield

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Book: Born Richfield

In this episode of the Action! Series we find the men busy with the coming holiday season. Mark Antonious Richfield and his superstar son Alexander Mark Richfield get to costar in a feature film together for the first time. Mark, however, has ulterior motives for wanting to be back in Los Angeles. Mark’s former fiancée, Sharon Tice-Hill, is about to give birth. Whose baby it is is anyone’s guess. Meanwhile, Jack Larsen is still reeling from the sudden death of his mother, while his husband, Adam Lewis, enlists the advice of their good friend, Lt Jeff Chandler, of the LAPD homicide office. Adam hopes that Jeff will figure out the mystery surrounding Mrs Larsen’s death. Enjoy the men from LA you’ve grown to know and love. Come back to Cali and play with the boys from the Action! Series!