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Failing Forward

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Book: Failing Forward

As summer comes to a close, the men from LA battle for sanity. Between the unexpected arrival of Tadzio Andresen-Miller’s brother, Pontus, and the sudden death of Jack Larsen’s mother, chaos is once again the tone. Mark Antonious Richfield is still juggling his life between his new son Isaac, and his second husband, Stan, as well as his ex husband, Steve Miller and their work together in Mark’s mega firm Richfield-Miller International. All while The Nation’s Top Male Model keeps an eye on his pregnant ex fiancée, Sharon Tice-Hill. Is that baby his? Mark’s losing what little is left of his sanity as he waits to find out. Mark’s eldest son, Alexander Mark Richfield, is cast in another film with his best actor buddy, Jeremy Runner, which makes the superstar very happy. And LAPD Lt Billy Sharpe has a run-in at the estate he’d sooner avoid. Enjoy men you’ve grown to know as family and friends as they flail, fall, and fumble their way across this thing we call…life.