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Catching Fire

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Book: Catching Fire


In this episode of the Action! Series we find the men from LA in trouble. After a relatively calm few weeks, the proverbial shite is about to hit the fan. All this drama occurs with the backdrop of a state that’s on fire.

Top Model Mark Antonious Richfield finally comes face to face with Brent Hill, his ex-fiancée’s husband. Since Mark had a brief fling with Sharon Tice-Hill, who is now pregnant, Brent and Mark face off in the pregnant woman’s office. After that fiasco, Mark gets a call out of the blue from a London solicitor, and that could only mean bad news.

Meanwhile, transgender lovely, blonde, Tadzio Andresen-Miller begins to suspect her brother from Sweden is lurking around the estate in Paradise, California. Is she correct? Or just imagining things?

Handsome blond attorney, Jack Larsen, once more receives devastating news from Florida.

Superstar Alexander Mark Richfield gets lucky with more movie auditions, and LAPD SWAT officer Joe Scarbino gets himself in way over his head.

Come back to the men you love…or hate…and find out what happens next!
(The Action! Series is written like a television episode, so jump right in!)