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Running With Scissors

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Book: Running With Scissors

In episode 45 of the Action! Series, we pick up where the last book left us, hanging by an emotional thread.

With the cat finally out of the bag for the Nation’s Top Model, Mark Antonious Richfield’s indiscretion, his young husband, Stan Charles Richfield, is sent reeling emotionally. In this chapter of the lives of the boys from LA we find the two men struggling to come to terms with Mark’s bad decisions. Stan decides to join LAPD SWAT cop, Joe Scarbino on a Dangereux modeling tour, leaving his new son, Isaac, with Mark.

Meanwhile, Alexander Mark Richfield, Mark’s superstar son, and his husband Lt Billy Sharpe, welcome a new addition to their home. The young puppy, Lady, brings hope to the two men who have struggled with their fidelity in the past.

Reunite with the boys from LA and follow along on this epic saga, spanning ten years.