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Silver Spooning

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Book: Silver Spooning


In this episode of the Action! Series we catch up on the boys from LA.

Top model turned CEO, Mark Antonious Richfield, is haunted by his indiscreet act with his ex-fiancée, Sharon Tice-Hill, and becomes obsessed that the baby she is carrying may be his. So far, Mark has been able to conceal that act of betrayal from his new husband, Stan Charles Richfield, but slowly that cat is crawling out of the bag, which spells disaster for the pretty model.

Meanwhile, Lt Billy Sharpe goes fishing with his army buddy, Ken Brooks and Ken’s grandson. Having much needed time away, Billy finally unwinds, and makes an unexpected friend at the lake.

Alexander, Mark’s son and the lieutenant’s celebrity husband, battles to be good, to be loyal, but finds it an uphill challenge.

As the turmoil and bad karma takes a toll on the group, Mark, in particular, begins to have an emotional breakdown as his world slides to the edge of a cliff.

Join the men you’ve grown to love- or hate- in this next episode in the series, Silver Spooning, where growing up Richfield isn’t all fun and games.