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Closer to Believing

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Book: Closer to Believing


In this episode of the Action! Series we find Mark Antonious Richfield struggling to cope with his newborn son, while his young husband, Stan Charles Richfield, is filming his latest movie, B is for Bravo.

While the handsome stud is away, Mark is left to battle the horrible Hollywood gossip about how Stan managed to get a starring role in a blockbuster film.

Meanwhile, Lt Billy Sharpe begins working at the police academy teaching defensive tactics, and soon becomes the object of desire for one of his students. Billy’s superstar husband, Alexander Richfield’s TV show begins its summer hiatus, and Alex’s agent, Adam Lewis, struggles to find the movie star a role that’s not gay, or full frontal nudity.

Come back to the gang from LA as they continue to find their way through life, love, and relationships.

Closer to Believing, maybe being away from the one you love shows you just how important they are, when they’re gone.