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Murphy's Hero

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Book: Murphy's Hero

It was the movie role that made British actor Ewan Gallagher famous as a Hollywood celebrity, in For Love and Money. In Murphy's Hero, Ewan was the star of his first big blockbuster film which gave him fame and fortune. But a gay superhero? Was London ready for that? Get to know the real story behind the Hollywood screenplay, of Alexander Parker, an employee of the British Museum who always seems to be on the spot when someone needs help. Painfully shy, Alexander hated being the center of attention. One day when a co-worker gives him a replica of a Greek warrior's helmet to deliver to a historical society, Alexander can't resist, and places it on his head. Instantly he dives into the roll as savior for the crime-ridden city. On one of his acts of mercy, he is spotted by the editor of an erotic gay magazine. The handsome Adrian Mackenzie took one look at the modest hero and fell head over heels for him. It was only a matter of time when the identity and sexual preference of the superhero would be revealed by the press. Is it the end of Alexander's crime-fighting spree? Or the beginning of a new future for him and his editor lover? Sometimes being a hero, isn't always about putting on a cape.

3 Total Reviews of This Book “Murphy’s Hero” by G. A. Hauser is very enjoyable. The main character Alexander has a penchant for encountering people in distress whenever he goes out. While this is a bit fanciful, it serves Alexander’s story well. I was surprised that the publisher listed this book as science fiction for I didn’t find that to be accurate. What I discovered and enjoyed so much was that all the events are based in reality. It was engaging to see how Alexander could go from pathologically shy and insecure to rescuing people in trouble with the help of an interested boyfriend and a Corinthian helmet. One gives him self-confidence and the other allows him the freedom to express himself.
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Alexander Parker is so introverted he’s still a virgin at twenty-seven. On an errand to deliver a Corinthian warrior’s helmet to the Historical Society he decides to try it on and manages to gain attention as a hero. He’s also managed to get the attention of Adrian Mackenzie, wealthy editor of a magazine of gay erotica. The two join forces in combating Alexander’s shyness while he gains more notoriety as a superhero the press calls Alexander the Great.
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Do clothes really make the man? Murphy’s Hero by G. A. Hauser introduces us to Alexander Parker, a young man who works in the British Museum and who adores Greek and Roman History. Alexander is shy to the point of being socially backward, but he cares enough for his fellow man to step in to help when there is an emergency. This is what catches the eye of Adrian Mackenzie. Adrian is the editor of an erotic gay periodical, and he is floored by the beautiful long-haired man who takes charge during an incident in the subway.
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