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Book: Cruising

Brodie Duncan expected a week vacation with his girlfriend Melanie on their first cruise to Alaska. What Brodie didn't know was that Melanie had no intention of joining him. Stunned at being left standing on the massive cruise-liner as Melanie made her escape to the mainland, Brodie stood with his cell phone in his hand staring in horror as she hailed a cab and vanished, telling him they were through. Stranded, on his own, and feeling completely self-conscious about it, Brodie convinced himself he should make the best of a bad situation. Maybe have a fling. No strings attached. What he didn’t bargain for was a man as appealing as Julian Richards. Julian was trapped in a bad relationship with a selfish woman he was starting to resent. Meeting the luscious blue eyes of the tall, dark and handsome Brodie Duncan caused a reaction in Julian that shocked him. Instantly attracted to each other, Julian began having the same desire to play with fire on this week-long Alaskan cruise. What neither of them expected was the depth of their feelings for each other and the chance at finding a soul mate. Within days the men turned a typical Glacier Bay bound cruise into the steamy Love Boat, and gave a whole new meaning to the phrase, Inside Passage.

4 Total Reviews of This Book After unknowingly being dumped on an Alaskan cruise by his girlfriend, Brodie Duncan finds himself bored and alone on the big cruise ship. Hurt, he cannot seem to understand why Melanie would do such a thing to him. Frustrated, he jokingly comments he should switch to men since his taste in women sucks. Then he meets Julian.
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If not for the fact that I know she is a woman, reading this book by G.A. Hauser I would suspect on her... never as before women have a very bad role; luckily in the end a couple of mid forty representative of my sex save us for the posterity.
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Look out for this exciting story about love on a cruise. This is actually the second book in the series by G.A. Hauser. We get to meet Brodie Duncan who enters this story with a large pile of luggage. Then we find Julian, an investment banker, who like Brodie is stuck on the cruise ship.
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Cruising is the second book in G.A. Hauser’s Men in Motionseries. It is connected only by theme and can stand alone.

Brodie Duncan is on an Alaskan cruise…alone. His girlfriend snuck off the ship before it departed shore and left him high and dry. Frustrated and angry at being stuck in the middle of the ocean he jokingly tells his gay best friend, Paden, in a phone call, that after all his bad luck with women he should just find a man.
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