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B is for Bravo

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Book: B is for Bravo


In this episode of the Action! Series, we join the men from LA as Stan Charles Richfield begins production on his new film role as a Navy SEAL in B is for Bravo. While Stan deals with the animosity coming from the A-list Hollywood stars who resent him being given top billing, Stan finds an unlikely ally; top rated movie star, Jeremy Runner.

Meanwhile, Tadzio Andresen-Miller, Steve’s new ‘wife’ has gone through her top-surgery in her transformation to become a woman.

The Nation’s Top Male Model, Mark Antonious Richfield has another close encounter with his ex-fiancée Sharon Tice-Hill, one that leaves him shaken to the core.

Reunite with the men you love to adore or hate, in this next Action! Series book, B is for Bravo, and dive back into Hauser’s Universe.