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'TADZIO' Dancing in the Dark

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Book: 'TADZIO' Dancing in the Dark


Ever since the blond Swedish runway model joined the men of the Action! Series Tadzio Andresen-Miller has been both, a nurturer and a seducer. Having struggled with his gender identity since he was a young teen, Tadzio’s marriage to former cop, turned CEO, Steven Jay Miller, gives him an opportunity to continue his journey, transitioning from a man to a woman.

Meanwhile, Mark Antonious Richfield’s new young husband is offered a mega role in a new Navy SEAL film starring all of Alex’s former costars. Needless to say, the seasoned vets aren’t too pleased with Stan getting a coveted role.

LAPD SWAT Lt Billy Sharpe finds his new, ‘open marriage’ policy with his young superstar husband, Alexander Mark Richfield, backfires miserably.

While the men of LA continue to strive for love, happiness and hope, they both celebrate the joys of victory, and the misery of betrayal.

Enjoy this next episode on the series and fall in love all over again with the boys from LA.