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Bad Lieutenant

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Book: Bad Lieutenant


In this next episode of the Action! Series, we catch up with LAPD SWAT Lieutenant William Paul Sharpe; ‘Billy’. Billy’s powerful presence in the series looms large as the forty-nine year old law enforcer once more becomes the center of the story.

Billy and his superstar husband, Alexander Mark Richfield, a young man twenty years the lieutenant’s junior, have once again come to a crossroads in their relationship after Alex’s infidelity while filming his last movie. The two men come to an agreement, one they can both accept.

Meanwhile, former cop turned CEO-Steve Miller’s new husband Tadzio Andresen, continues his transition from a gorgeous male runway model, to a woman, with the full support of his husband.

Mark Antonious Richfield is in heaven with his newborn son, ‘Zak’ and has fallen into fatherhood with outstretched arms. His young stud husband, Stan Charles Richfield, gets a movie offer he is struggling to refuse.

Add to this mix of characters you love and hate, is Joe Scarbino. The hot SWAT cop turned model, has one thing on his mind. Mark.

Find out what happens next in this continuing saga about the boys from LA.