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Dangeruex Liaisons

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Book: Dangeruex Liaisons


In this edition of the Action! Series, we have a new arrival. Mark Antonious Richfield and Stan Charles Richfield’s son, Isaac Milton Richfield, or ‘Zak’ as they call him, decided to enter their world two weeks earlier than anticipated.

While Alexander Mark Richfield, Mark’s twenty-nine year old superstar son, was away shooting a pirate film in the Bahamas, Alex’s LAPD SWAT Lieutenant husband, and a man twenty years older than Alex, Billy Sharpe, once more battles foes in the streets of Los Angeles, much to everyone’s terror.

As the models for Dangereux cologne prove too hot to handle, more chaos ensues for the men; especially for Mark.

Having made another err in judgment, Mark Antonious is once more in a tailspin as his own Dangereux liaison with his old flame, drives him crazy with guilt.

Don’t miss the next book in the series, and the mad adventures of the men from LA you have grown to adore.