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Tail in Two Cities

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Book: Tail in Two Cities


In this latest Action! Series book, we resume the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend where the last book left off.

As the guests enjoy the estate, gorge on gourmet food and play naughty games together, reality starts to set in.

Eventually the friends and lovers will be apart, at opposite ends of the state. Alex and Billy struggle with the temptation of staying permanently, but the LAPD lieutenant isn’t prepared to leave SWAT.

Jack Larsen and his husband Adam Lewis, also grapple with the notion of leaving their home in Malibu and living in Paradise, but, that isn’t the answer for the two men either.

But, the individual with a looming conflict in their life is Tadzio Andresen-Miller, Steve’s new husband. With the prospect of being away from Alexander, Tadzio goes on a sexual tear, battling his own insecurity and self doubt.

And after the four days of joy, love, and family, the mansion becomes a desolate empty space.

Come back to Mark and the boys from two cities; Los Angeles and Sacramento, California, as they struggle with love, life, and loss.