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Finding Hope

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Book: Finding Hope


In this latest book in the Action! Series, we find Becca McKenna; the Nation’s Top Male Model Mark Antonious Richfield and his new young husband Stan’s surrogate baby’s due date fast approaching.

While the stress of a newborn infant about to join the men living in the estate in Paradise, California, bears down on them, Steve Miller and his husband, the Swedish model, Tadzio, continue to work at Mark’s father’s mega company, Richfield-Miller International in Sacramento.

Superstar Alexander Mark Richfield is away shooting a new film, Pirates, in the Bahamas, and his LAPD SWAT lieutenant husband, Billy Sharpe is involved in yet another shooting while working with the FBI in Los Angeles.

Mark continues to beg Dangereux cologne to hire a replacement for him, and that lucky man is one of Billy Sharpe’s SWAT team officers, Joe Scarbino. As the men of the Action! Series get into the groove after the holidays, more bad news strikes them; coming from every direction.

Finding hope when life throws horrific news at them, the men of the series continue to support each other through terrible times, as well as finding hope…in new life. A precious baby is born, bringing love, happiness, and the hope of good things on the horizon.