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Nothing To Lose

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Book: Nothing To Lose


In book 36 of the Action! Series, we find the men from LA ready to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday at the posh mansion in Paradise.

Mark Antonious Richfield returns to the nighttime cable drama, Forever Young, to reunite with the stars for their final season.

Alexander Richfield and Stan Charles Richfield, attend their film premiere, Lover Boy, with disastrous results.

LAPD SWAT lieutenant Billy Sharpe is back on the front lines and Steven Jay Miller and his new husband, Tadzio Andresen, dive into work at Mark’s father’s company, Richfield-Miller International.

Top Model turned CEO, Mark Antonious Richfield hosts all of your favorite characters from the series in grand style as the extended families and friends socialize and new bonds are formed.

Nothing to we chase happiness and hold onto true love and past lovers, we rely most on the people closest to us, to keep us sane.