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Starting Over

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Book: Starting Over


After a summer from hell, the boys from LA are finally settling down. The Chief of Police, Billy Sharpe, makes a life-changing decision, but one he can live with.

Father and son, Top-Model Mark Antonious Richfield and superstar Alexander Richfield, battle through their issues, having it out finally during a session with Alex’s psychiatrist. Mark is determined to get his son to finally accept Mark’s new young husband, Stan, once and for all.

Steve Miller is not only in love with his fabulous Swedish runway model husband, Tadzio Andresen- who is full of surprises; he is also finding out how much he loves his life working at Richfield-Miller International, and living in a massive, posh estate in Paradise, California.

For the fans who have survived what was a chaotic upheaval from the men of the Action! Series the reward is happiness and acceptance, not to mention, loads of sexy fun.

Join the characters you’ve come to cherish as family members, as they start their lives over again, trying desperately to get it right.