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Still Standing

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Book: Still Standing


In Book 34 of the Action! Series we find the boys from LA still battling to feel normal after the upheaval.

Alexander Richfield, Mark’s impetuous son, acts out one last time in rebellion. The fallout from Mark and Steve’s divorce hit the young superstar hard. But…Alexander is finally coming back to himself after a last troubling act of aggression, one aimed at Mark’s new man.

Meanwhile, Steven Jay Miller, the former cop turned CEO continues to power through life, finding love for his new sexy Swedish runway model, Tadzio Andresen. With everything Steve has ever dreamed of now in his grasp, Steve has never been happier.

Sadly, the Chief of Police, Billy Sharpe, cannot say the same. Billy is hit with more grief and accusations when a video shows up of him, broadcasted on a local news station, causing the career law enforcer to reassess his life.

And, then there’s the Top Model Mark Antonious Richfield. As Mark’s dream of being a new father becomes a reality, Mark and his new husband, Stan Charles…Richfield, push through the hate and rage that surrounds them. And Mark’s relationship with his son, Alex, has never been more tenuous.

But, through the chaos, all of the men of the series are still standing; not discouraged and not giving up.

Join the characters you have grown to adore in the Action! Series as they continue to battle for sanity, love, and peace of mind.