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Book: Exposure

Married to a woman, in politics for twenty years, Senator Kipp Kensington thought his secret was safe...until he met the man of his dreams.

Knowing that even the whisper of being gay could ruin his chances for aspiring to be the president of the United States one day, Kipp had his life neatly arranged to give the public the impression they seemed so desperately to need in order to acquire their votes; A straight man with a stable marriage. But after nine years of living the lie, the contract he and his wife shared had begun to crumble. After a chance meeting with the gorgeous leather-clad motorcycle rider, Robin Grant, Kipp began to wonder if his future lay in a different direction. As the affair between the men heats up, Kipp's fate lay in the hands of his alcoholic bitter wife. With the threat of exposure and blackmail looming, the senator had to make a decision.

But will he choose to follow his heart or his life's ambition? It's all down to the influence of a man who has become the thief of his heart.

3 Total Reviews of This Book Senator Kipp Kensington has been in politics for twenty years. He knows how even a whiff of scandal can ruin a politician’s career overnight. That is why he entered into a marriage of convenience over nine years ago. But, lately things have changed. Kipp has begun to question the cost of hiding who he is, and his bitter, harridan of a wife isn’t making his already stressful life any easier.
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After hiding his true sexuality for twenty years in order to pursue a career in a less than sympathetic area of government, Kipp Kensington is not happy with how lonely he feels or the fact that he no longer takes any joy out of what he is suppose to love as he has no one to share it with.
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When Senator Kipp Kensington meets Leather clad Robin Grant by almost running over his motorcycle Kipp is attracted to Robin because he is a bad boy and because Robin needs him. Kipp is tired of living the lie of the straight Senator and is ready for a love affair with Robin.
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