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The Perfect Man

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Book: The Perfect Man


In this decade, artificial intelligence may meet all of our needs; including companionship.

After a year of hard work, two young men struggling on their startup company in California’s Silicon Valley, have completed their first prototype. The Perfect Man.

Ben Carlson, a Hollywood special effects specialist, designed the handsome masculine wrappings for his co-owner Mason Wyatt’s A-I robotic man. As the brains behind the project, Mason gave their creation everything he needed to survive; a creative mind, one that could connect to wifi for data, mechanical movements, which improved with practice, and most important, compassion. It was Ben who had given this robot his human musculature and stunning good looks.

What had at first been an dream for Ben to get his sister Diane a date, one that would not disappoint her, ended up being a masterpiece of A-I technology. Although Ben had considered Diane when he made his ideal man, he couldn’t predict his creature would become attached to a young construction worker doing electrical wiring in their new office space. It appeared Ethan Reegan was the object of the A-I bot’s attention.

But…as this Simulated Automated Man or SAM, became animated, perfected smart learning, and grew independent, a moral dilemma hit the two men.

Was their creation a slave to human needs? Or was he now an individual with rights? The right to decide what he wanted and who he wanted to serve?

Time would tell whether Mason and Ben’s Perfect Man would be allowed to make his own decisions.