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Holding Tight

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Book: Holding Tight


In book 32 of the Action! Series, we catch up with the gang from LA. Mark Antonious Richfield and his ex-husband Steven Jay Miller work as a dynamic duo getting the mega corporation, RICHIELD-MILLER INTERNATIONAL back to its prime. And, as Mark’s formal wedding ceremony looms, they are contacted by a style magazine to cover it. He and his twenty-six year old modeling partner, Stan Charles, are set to celebrate their union for Stan’s family in New York, even though the couple has eloped; both men eager to move forward, with babies on the brain.

Stan and Alexander Richfield, Mark’s son, end up cast in a steamy gay romance film, and are forced to do simulated sex scenes, which the two of them dread.

Mark and his son spend some quality father/son time in hopes of helping Alex’s anger at the divorce.

Holding tight. Whether it’s for love, or for control, sometimes you can’t get what you want, until you loosen the noose and set your fears free.