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Living In Paradise

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Book: Living In Paradise


Living in paradise…

It was a dream. A dream each of the men in Mark Richfield’s orbit, wanted.

As Alex and Stan suffer through filming the on-location scenes in Manhattan’s Diamond District, Steve Miller, Mark’s ex-husband and business partner, plans on reigniting their passion, in Paris.

Tadzio Andresen, the hot Swedish runway model continues to feel left behind, but ends up staying with Chief of Police Billy Sharpe when Alexander leaves for New York.

Jack Larsen and his husband Adam Lewis, sadly, receive more bad news from Florida.

Mark Antonious Richfield continues to battle to get his life back; A life that the impetuous former cop had stolen from Mark that day he had swept Mark off the wedding altar, away from Sharon Tice. That fateful day, when Mark sacrificed everything for Steve, had come back to haunt him.

But he will get it back. Oh, yes. He will.

Come along on a journey as the men from LA continue to make the best of it, and find their way to Paradise.