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Waiting To Breathe

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Book: Waiting To Breathe


It seems as if everyone surrounding Mark Antonious Richfield is waiting.
Waiting for love, waiting for success, waiting to be married.

Steven Jay Miller, Mark’s ex-husband is waiting for a sign. One he may never get, from the top model.
The fabulous blond Swedish twink, Tadzio Andresen is waiting…for Steve to make a decision.

Chief of Police Billy Sharpe, is once again in trouble, waiting for break from the chaos, and Alexander Mark Richfield appears to be losing the battle for sanity while he waits for his father and Steve to reconcile.

Life in Los Angeles with the men of the Action! Series can be challenging. Yet, hopefully, worthwhile.

In reality, Mark is just waiting for the chance…to breathe.

Waiting…sometimes the things we want most in life are worth that wait.
With the men of the Action! Series, only time will tell.