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Richfield-Miller International

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Book: Richfield-Miller International


As spring arrives, bringing hope and nourishing rains to Southern California, the men of the Action! Series also find a little relief from the chaos.
In the midst of their divorce, Mark Antonious Richfield and Steven Jay Miller join forces to take over the mega company Mark’s father had owned. Both men are inspired by the potential of a bright future, but…they aren’t in the clear yet.
The Swedish model, Tadzio Andresen, is losing hope he will get to remain in LA much longer.
The superstar, Mark’s son, Alexander, runs himself into the ground from fear and overworking.
The police chief, Billy Sharpe, ends up in hot water.
And, the new kid on the block, Stan Charles, brings Mark a step closer to his dream of having children.

While the corporate world reacts with rising stock to the announcement of a new partnership, the lives of the men of the Action! Series continue to spin out of control.

But, by placing one foot in front of the other, they battle forward…against all odds.