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Highway Drifter

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Book: Highway Drifter


Detective Amir Mehdi may have only been a homicide detective for three months, but he had stumbled onto a nightmare. Someone was killing people. And, convincing his captain that these homicides were connected became increasingly difficult, until he met Lt Krista Shapiro from South Dakota’s State Patrol.

As the unlikely duo stumble through their investigation, they find one man.

One man who appears to stand out from the locals.

Justice Chadwick loved to hunt…for men.

The hot hunk was on a mission. Well, maybe two missions.

Getting laid…and finding a killer.

One out of the two cravings was a certainty…Justice was going to get laid.

The other problem? Well, he’d leave that up to the two cops; the plump blonde lady lieutenant, and the other dude…the one who needed a little boost in confidence.