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Giving up the Ghost

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Book: Giving up the Ghost

Two men, both victims of a tragic loss one Christmas Eve, can't find peace. As each man suffers with his grief, neither seems able to move on or to find any hope in their lives. Ryan, the artist, paints bloody red canvases in order to cope with the pain of losing his one true love, Victor, while Paul, the violinist, uses music to heal his tortured soul at the lost of Evan, his beloved pianist. When one night Ryan hears piano music coming from a vacant unit next door to his apartment, he receives a visit from beyond the grave that changes his life forever.

Can two men who have suffered the anguish of losing their loved ones, find solace in each other? Or will the tragedy of their lives keep them from starting over.

3 Total Reviews of This Book Ryan Monroe is an artist who lost his lover two years before in an auto accident. His grief and impotent rage comes out in the vivid reds, oranges, and yellows of his paintings. He knows that in order to be healthy he should move on to a new relationship, but he just feels as though he cannot
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When Ryan Monroe lost his soul mate he thought that his life was over. Sure he goes through the motions of living, but that's all it is. The only passion in his life is what he spills onto his canvases and they are landscapes of blood red misery. Then Evan Oliver moves in next door. Feelings that Ryan thought dead along with Victor suddenly surface and Ryan must decide if he wants to continue down the path he has been on.
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From the first paragraph where Ryan Monroe is working on his latest painting to the very end the reader will be able to almost hear ghostly piano music playing in the back of their head as they follow the Ryan through the story. Ryan hears the sound of music coming from the empty apartment next door and shortly later it stops with the occupant knocks on his door to see if he minds the music. Ryan is stricken with the looks of his new neighbor, who introduces himself as Evan Oliver a pianist.
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